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The Ultimate B2 Grammar Course

Everything you need to master upper-intermediate English grammar

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What's the difference between B1 students who are still scared of making mistakes, being misunderstood, or feeling embarrassed, and B2 students, who socialise, travel, or work in English without difficulty?

Do they have years and years of classes?


Did they spend months living in an English-speaking country?


Did they study for hours and hours every day to make progress?


Did they have a natural talent for languages?


These things can help, but they're not the answer.

Myths about B2

Myth: "Watching Netflix or listening to music is the way to B2."

Reality: Films, series, and song lyrics are a great way to see how language is used in real-life situations, but they are most effective when they are used as an extra learning tool, not the only one!

If you want to speak clear, correct English, you need to learn grammar. The rules help us to form correct sentences in conversation and to understand other people.

After learning a specific grammar rule, you'll start to recognise it in song lyrics, and you'll start to see it in conversations on TV. This will help you to remember the grammar and then use it more naturally.

Myth: "You need to study for hours every day to see progress."

Reality: While regular practice is very important for language learning, what you study is more important than the number of hours you study for.

Successful students set clear goals for learning English, and they are consistent with them! Short study sessions are the most effective, but they need to be focused and productive.

Perhaps you want to master grammar, or maybe you want to pass the Cambridge First Exam. These are great goals! But remember, it's always better to have regular, short study sessions. It's not useful to tire yourself with long hours of study!

The good news is ...

Improving your English (and getting closer to your goals) is easier than you think.

We can help you...

  • Understand the tricky parts of English grammar using our clear explanations.
  • Have a clear step-by step plan about exactly what to study next.
  • Remember everything using a study system that has been proven by 100 years of science.
  • Feel like you're finally making the kind of progress you want.

The Ultimate B2 Grammar Course

An online course that will help you take your grammar to B2 brilliance and beyond.

I've spent the last twenty years working with:

  • Students who, in spite of having taken hundreds of English classes, still feel stuck when trying to follow native speakers or have high-level conversations in English.
  • Students who are highly competent and highly educated professionals in their own language, but who still feel scared when writing emails that need to be in sophisticated English.
  • Students who don't feel like they can really express their true thoughts, feelings, and ideas in English because their level is too low.
  • Students who are aware of cultural differences between their native language and English, and who worry that they'll make a mistake and offend someone.
  • Students who know that speaking correct, elegant English is absolutely worth it and who want to finally make serious progress.

The result is an easy-to-follow complete grammar system that gives you a clear, systematic map for understanding, remembering and using elegant, B2-level grammar when you speak and write English, so you can express yourself clearly, pass a B2 exam, and get your English one step closer to an advanced level.

Get access to the Ultimate B2 Grammar Course with Perfect English Grammar Membership

What's inside the Ultimate B2 Grammar Course?

1: The clearest video explanations on the web

This is how you'll take the first step to mastering B2 grammar so that you can speak correct, elegant English.

Remember, the main reason students have problems with grammar is that it's taught in little pieces and never clearly and systematically explained so that it's easy to understand.

After watching the Ultimate B2 Grammar Course videos, you'll be able to understand all the grammar you need to get to an advanced level and see how it fits together as a system.

Here's how it works:

  • Very simple, clear explanations. I'll explain all the grammar you need for B2 step by step. Then I'll show you how it all links together. We cover absolutely everything you need.
  • Short videos. The videos are really short so that you can fit them easily into your life. We don't waste time with things you don't need.
  • Subtitles + PDFs. If you prefer to print out the explanations, you can do that too. Everything is printable and downloadable.

2: All the practice you'll ever need

Now you've understood all the B2 grammar, you're ready to go on to advanced!

However, it's important to really practise what you've learned properly. If we don't, our human brains will forget everything!

Here is where you'll use *powerful learning techniques* to memorise the new grammar so that you can remember it properly. This is how to 'feel' your grammar is correct.

Here's how it works:

  • Interactive exercises after every video. These help you fix the grammar in your head immediately.
  • Review exercises at the end of each section. These exercises mix everything that you've learned. This makes it a little bit more difficult!
  • Flashcards and extra reviews. Flashcards and extra reviews are our secret magic! They allow you to remember 95% of what you study forever and give you a deep feeling for correct grammar.

3: Fifteen modules covering all the B2 grammar

We cover everything you need in depth.

The modules are:

  1. Present simple/present continuous/past simple/future simple
  2. Present simple, present continuous, future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous
  3. Present perfect and present perfect continuous
  4. Past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous
  5. Negatives and questions
  6. Verb patterns
  7. Nouns and determiners
  8. The passive
  9. Reported speech
  10. Modal verbs
  11. Relative clauses
  12. Pronouns
  13. Conditionals
  14. Adjectives
  15. Adverbs
  16. Prepositions

Click here to see the full curriculum.

Here's how it works:

  • We cover everything you need for B2. We go into detail about all the grammar concepts you'll need.
  • Everything is clearly organised. The course acts as a map to the grammar at this level.
  • We don't just review easy concepts. A lot of B2 books repeat the basic concepts that you see in A2, such as the present simple or articles. Our course helps you build intermediate structures that really challenge you.

Get access to the Ultimate B2 Grammar Course with Perfect English Grammar Membership

Meet Seonaid: language enthusiast, Cambridge graduate and long-time teacher.

When she's not reading about learning and how brains work in her favourite London coffee shops, she runs Perfect English Grammar, a grammar website read by millions of people each month. She's also helped thousands of people improve their English and reach their dreams with her online courses.

Over her twenty years of teaching (and the research she did at Cambridge into how adults learn foreign languages), she's developed the Perfect English Grammar method, which helps students make fast progress, learn quickly and remember what they've learned so that they can use it in conversation.

The great grammar guarantee!

We're so confident that we can help you take your English grammar to B2 level and beyond that we have a full 30-day guarantee.

Take a few days to do the first section. If you don't feel like you're making real progress, we'll cancel your subscription and refund all your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

At a B2 level, grammar becomes more tricky, with more complex sentence structures, verb tenses, and grammatical patterns. It requires a deeper understanding of grammar rules and the ability to apply them correctly.

This is the moment to invest some time in mastering grammar properly. That's why our course offers you an organised system, a clear map of the grammar and enough reviews so that everything becomes natural and easy.

What you do is much more important than where you are. Students who reach advanced levels of English have an organised plan, study regularly, use effective study techniques and are serious about English. You can do all of these things from your home!

I understand, I really do! I have two children and a husband and I run my own business and go to the gym and visit my parents and see my friends. It's a lot, I know!

If you're busy and you still want to improve your English and grow your skills so that you can reach your potential, you need the most efficient way to do that. In our courses, we give you a clear plan to follow and effective study techniques so that every minute you spend studying helps you reach your goals.

We don't have speaking lessons! But we do help you get the kind of grammar that you need to speak and write correctly at a high level. If you're interested in getting to C1 or C2 in English, it's really worth taking time to make sure that your grammar is excellent, which will also help your speaking.

We suggest using the the B2 course for just 20 minutes a day. We call this 'core study' and it's enough that you'll really see a difference. We also suggest doing 'extra study' - this means podcasts, videos, books, and other things that you can fit into your day easily. We explain all of this in our 'Welcome to the Membership' course.

At the moment, we are only offering the membership, so you have to join the membership to do the B2 course. In the membership, you'll get 4 more Ultimate Grammar Courses that go all the way to C1, 12 advanced challenges and courses that will help you go deeper into important topics like tenses, phrasal verbs, idioms, collocations and listening, as well as help from the Perfect English Grammar team. Let's do this together!

The membership is a subscription that you pay automatically every month or every year. You can cancel your membership any time by emailing Kate ( There's no contract or obligation. We want you to absolutely love being part of Perfect English Grammar, so you have a full 30 days to enjoy the courses without any commitment. If you decide during those 30 days that the membership isn't right for you, just let us know and we will cancel your membership and refund all your money.

Get access to the Ultimate B2 Grammar Course with Perfect English Grammar Membership

Still not sure? We think this is perfect for you if ...

  • 1: You've had 'improve my English' on your to-do list for a while

    Even though you are already successful and want to continue growing, you haven't quite managed to reach your dream level of English.

    Our B2 course is perfect for students who are ready to start taking their English learning seriously. We'll give you all the help you need to stop procrastinating and start making real progress towards your goals.

  • 2: You want more career opportunities

    You know that English is the international language of business, and you want to communicate well with international colleagues or clients.

    You'd really like to improve your skills to get a better job and have an exciting future!

  • 3: You plan to move (or have already moved) to an English-speaking country

    Moving to a new country can be one of life's biggest challenges. Not only do you have a new life, but you have to do everything in another language.

    At first, things can be difficult, but having good grammar can help you communicate with people, do administrative tasks, and feel at home more quickly!

  • 4: You want to be part of the global conversation

    Online communication and networking are a big part of our lives.

    We have news reports in English, YouTube videos in English, and social media content in English.

    It's so exciting to be part of this global conversation and connect with people internationally, once you're good at English!

  • 5: You have no problem investing a couple of hours per week

    We know you're busy! You're already spending time on your English - following English teachers on social media and listening to podcasts or the BBC. The only problem is that without a clear plan, you won't get the real progress towards an upper intermediate level that you'd like. Let us help you get closer to your dreams of speaking correct and elegant English!

  • 6: You're willing to test the Perfect English Grammar Membership with no risk

    We offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If you join, spend an hour on the B2 course, and don't feel like it's right for you, then send us an email, and we'll refund you in full, no problem. You can also cancel your membership at any time - no contract, no obligation.

By now, you already know the biggest difference between making real progress towards an advanced level of English and another year of feeling frustrated, embarrassed or misunderstood. It all comes down to a proper, structured approach to grammar, a clear plan, and a method that really works.

  • If your goal is to speak correct, elegant English and get to an advanced level, you'll benefit from The Ultimate B2 Grammar Course.
  • If you want to feel like writing work emails or speaking to clients in English is natural and comfortable, you'll benefit from The Ultimate B2 Grammar course.
  • If you want to feel confident during English conversations in the way that you do in your own language, you'll benefit from The Ultimate B2 Grammar Course.
  • If you want to know how to be polite and still fully express yourself without offending someone in English, you'll benefit from The Ultimate B2 Grammar Course.

If you're ready, we look forward to seeing you inside the course and helping you make crazy fast progress.

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