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Complete beginner grammar
(40 hours)

Complete pre-intermediate grammar
(40 hours)

Complete intermediate grammar
(40 hours)

Complete upper-intermediate grammar
(40 hours)

Complete advanced grammar
(40 hours)

Tenses deep dive
(10 hours)

Articles deep dive
(10 hours)

Conditionals deep dive
(10 hours)

Modals deep dive
(10 hours)

Learn 150 phrasal verbs
(10 hours)

Learn 150 phrasal verbs
(10 hours)

Learn 150 collocations
(10 hours)

Learn 150 collocations
(10 hours)

Learn 150 idioms
(10 hours)

Learn 150 idioms
(10 hours)

Transform your listening
(10 hours)

Transform your listening
(10 hours)

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Paulina from Poland

It is marvellous! This repetition of tenses was exactly what I needed! Thank you, Seonaid

Kelly from Peru

I say the idioms naturally, it's very rewarding.

Mikhail from Russia

The course was very helpful for getting to know better the most difficult (and most favourite) topic in English - English articles.

Hi, I'm Seonaid, your teacher

And together with the Perfect English Grammar team, I've helped *tens of millions* of students improve their grammar.

I'm a British native speaker of English. I have a Master's degree (MPhil) from Cambridge University in English and Linguistics and I've been teaching English for 21 years.

I live in London, I've studied French, German, Spanish and Japanese myself and I love learning, culture, books and ideas.

(My name is pronounced "show-na"!)

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No, all the lessons are already recorded so that you can study whenever you want.

Yes! You can get a certificate at the end of every course.

You have full access to everything for as long as you stay in the membership.

Yes! Just write a comment inside the courses or send us an email and a teacher will answer you.

We really recommend studying a little bit every day! Fifteen or twenty minutes is perfect.

The free website has written explanations and some exercises. The membership has full online courses, which are carefully organised and go into a lot more detail. They have videos, audios, flashcards, PDFs, infographics, summaries and hundreds of review exercises. In the membership, you can also have your questions answered by us and you can get a certificate when you finish a course.

Yes! You are very welcome to use this material in your classroom or with your private students. Everything can be printed and photocopied.

"I have learned 150 new collocations!
I love that challenge! 100% recommendation!"

(Joanna, from Germany)

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Natalita from Russia

Brilliant explanation and exercises. My English makes a good expression on my colleagues and business partners. I feel more confident and powerful. Thank you! (About the Modals Course)

Frank from Germany

Your way of explaining is brilliant. The most important thing for me: I have found what I've been looking for all my life. (About the Tenses Challenge)

Iwona from Poland

I know the right collocations now, so I sound more like a native. (About the Collocations Challenges)

Paulina from Poland

I feel more confident using conditionals and I am more confident during English calls in my job. (About the Conditionals Course)

Alice from Hong Kong

I am more confident in English listening now. I can understand more than before. The course is amazing. (About the Listening Challenges)

Dominique from France

I used some of the phrasal verbs with English speakers with resounding success! (About the Advanced Phrasal Verbs Challenges)

Rodrigo from Brazil

I have conversations with native speakers every week by Skype and they gave me a lot of compliments about how I often use phrasal verbs when speaking. (About Advanced Phrasal Verbs Challenge)

Mike living in the USA

These idioms help me to understand the shows on Netflix much better! (About the Idioms Challenge)

Anna from Poland

So many useful collocations! I encounter them in books and in the press and I'm so pleased I recognise them. (About the Collocations Challenges)

Raquel from Spain

Finally, I've managed to understand conditionals. Now, it's easier to use them and follow more complex conversations. (About the Conditionals Challenge)

Barbara from Italy

It's really done accurately. Now I can read books more easily and I attended a medical course in English with no difficulties. (About the Advanced Phrasal Verbs Challenge)

Ivana from Slovakia

What I liked the most was that when I was listening to music in English with my son, I understood so much better than before the challenge. (About Listening Challenge 2)

Sandra from Serbia

It's so detailed, so well explained - I couldn't find anywhere something similar. I have better conversations in English. (About the Tenses Challenge)

Svetlana from Russia

My conversations have become more vivid and fluent. (About the Advanced Phrasal Verbs Challenge)

Enrico from Italy

I definitely improved my understanding of movies and newspaper headlines. (About the Idioms Challenge)

Haward from Spain

I was able to remember the idioms I learnt while I was speaking with friends, and in my case, it was a real improvement. (About the Idioms Challenge)

Paola from Italy

Useful vocabulary, lovely accent, very kind and professional teacher, effective method. (About the Advanced Phrasal Verbs Challenge)

Daniele from Italy

I had a great conversation in English with a native speaker. Moreover, I feel like I have improved my pronunciation. (About the Listening Challenges)

Iris from Germany

I learned many phrasal verbs for different situations. Anki is a very good tool to go over all the vocabulary we learned. (About the Advanced Phrasal Verbs Challenge)

Antonio from Spain

The explanations were just what I need, and are difficult to find in many books. I enjoyed it very much. (About the Modals Course)

Kristina from Italy

I loved the exercises (that I can print them and repeat all the course) and the explanations of verbs by such an enthusiastic and nice teacher, Seonaid. Thanks a lot! (About the Idioms Challenge)