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The Perfect English Grammar Membership

Everything you need to master English grammar

$25 / month

Feel confident with our 30-day money-back guarantee

Are you an English learner who has joined classes, subscribed to YouTube channels, memorised verb tables, and watched every episode of The Crown ...

but you still feel stuck at the same level?

Imagine there was a way to finally get to a level of English where you sound
natural, confident and correct.

Would you feel comfortable on an international work call or be able to chat to the waitress in a busy London restaurant?

Right now, there's so much on your to-do list. There's work, the gym, family, friends, and all the little life tasks in between.

But you've also had 'improve my English' on your list of New Year's resolutions for as long as you can remember.

You've tried different methods. You've studied grammar from the present simple to the future perfect, but there's no real structure or chance to use it, so you end up forgetting things quickly.

At job interviews, when they say: "The second part of this interview will be in English," you feel your palms sweat, your stomach clench, and you wish it was over as quickly as possible.

Everything you say sounds so translated. You feel more and more nervous and unprepared.

Your replies become shorter and shorter.

But you love talking to people in your own language.

English starts to feel more like an impossible mountain than a door to opportunity.

How would it feel if you could:

  • See real progress from using structured and stress-free methods (and the satisfaction of crossing it off your list!)

  • Have an 'aha!' moment after realising the problem all along has been the methods you've been using.

  • Are able to apply what you have learnt to real-life situations.

  • Feel as successful and educated as you do in your own language.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

"English grammar is boring and illogical. It brings back bad memories from school!"

Your first contact with English was those endless verb tables.

You desperately repeated 'put, put, put' to yourself, as well as the other 200 irregular verbs in the test.

Every year, you revisited the present simple (hello, old friend).

And now?

You're finally confident with the present simple, but you don't study the more advanced structures because they're too complicated and illogical.

The good news is, grammar can make sense!

You can start to see patterns and everything can click into place.

"I have a terrible memory. It's impossible to learn a language or to improve once you're a certain age."

You leave English class happy that you've learnt something new. But by the time you get to the next class, you've forgotten everything.

Sound familiar?

You put it down to the fact that you're older. You have a terrible memory.

What if we told you that what you're expecting from your brain is impossible?

Most English courses and classes explain things, but they don't do the kind of practice that allows you to really internalise the new information. It's not you. It's them!

We've done some serious research into how people remember new information and we'd love to share it with you!

"You can't learn proper English without living in an English-speaking country."

Learning grammar is a waste of time. All you need to do is listen to native speakers talking and absorb the language, right?


The answer to improving your grammar is not living in the UK for a year.

You can have a million conversations in English, but if you continue to make the same mistakes, are you really improving?

You need to understand the patterns of grammar so that you can fix those habitual mistakes.

It doesn't matter where you live! It's what you do that's important.

"All of this takes time, which I don't have!"

Let's talk about the most common excuse for giving up.


Or not enough of it.

This is why we have designed our courses specifically with people like you in mind - people who work all the hours under the sun, with big meetings or work trips, people with families and dogs to walk, and people with responsibilities and hobbies.

You can even do a lesson on the go - in waiting rooms, caf�s, on your lunch break, while waiting for your kids, on the bus to work, or even on the sofa when your partner's watching that boring series again.

To really improve, English needs to be part of your life - but it doesn't need to take a lot of time.


The Perfect English Grammar Membership

Unlimited access to a library of high-quality, carefully designed courses that follow the science of language learning.

The courses include the right amount of practice and review to help you get everything that you've learned into your long-term memory and to help you speak English more correctly, more fluently and with fewer mistakes.

All the English grammar is organised into short lessons, with videos, audio, flashcards, PDFs, infographics, summaries, and hundreds of review exercises.

Improve your confidence in English with Perfect English Grammar Membership

What's inside the Membership?

1: Access to 17 online courses that have been carefully designed with our students in mind

  • Five complete grammar courses, which cover everything you need from A1 to C1.
  • Four smaller grammar courses. These teach you all about the trickier areas of grammar in more detail.
  • Six vocabulary courses that help you to sound more advanced and like a native, including phrasal verbs, collocations, and idioms.
  • Two listening courses with over 30 audios designed to help you with common expressions, speaking habits, and fillers that native English speakers use in natural conversation.

And ...

  • A certificate on completion of each course to show off your hard work!

Here's how it works:

  • We cover everything you need for each level. We go into detail about all the grammar concepts you'll need, and you'll be able to see how they all link together.
  • Short subtitled videos. We've made our videos really concise so that you can fit them easily around your life, and we've added subtitles for clarity.
  • Everything is clearly organised. The courses are divided logically into sections so you can easily pick up where you last left off.

2: Scientifically proven methods and plenty of opportunity to practise

You are finally equipped with all you need to know about English grammar, and you're ready to show it off!

But first, to stop all the information going through one ear and out the other, it's important to review everything you've learned.

With practice and consistency, your language will start to feel and sound more natural!

Here's how it works:

  • Interactive exercises after every video.These provide you with instant practice and help you to further conceptualise the rule you've learned.
  • Review exercises at the end of each section.These exercises combine all the grammar rules you've learned in one section. This can be a little tricky but it's designed to make you think!
  • Flashcards and extra reviews.Flashcards and our extra review sections are the key to your success. They provide you with a deeper understanding where everything you learn goes into your long-term memory.
  • Subtitles + PDFs. If you are a student or a teacher, and prefer to read or print out the explanations, you can do that too! Everything is downloadable and ready to be written on.

Seonaid here (pronounced "shona").

When I'm not battling with the French pluperfect or the Spanish subjunctive, I love travelling and spending time with my two kids!

My goal is to change how people learn grammar by offering better ways of teaching it. I also think study methods are really important and I want to show everyone how much the way we study affects how much we learn and remember.

I believe that if we all could speak other languages well, so many dreams could come true and everyone could get on better!

At Perfect English Grammar, we have helped *tens of millions* of English learners improve their grammar and achieve their dreams.

The great grammar guarantee!

We're so passionate about helping you get to the next level with your English that we want you to feel completely confident joining our membership.

Take up to 30 days to go through the courses.

If after taking your level test, going through the modules, and completing the exercises, you still don't feel like you're heading in the right direction, or it's not quite what you expected, simply email Kate at, and she will cancel your subscription and give you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrol today, and you get access to all our online courses and our material for a low monthly fee.

You get your login details when you join the membership, and you can start by doing a level test and welcome quiz.

Then you get unlimited access to:

Five grammar courses, which are a comprehensive review of all the grammar that you need for a particular level. We expect that these will take 40 hours of studying.

Four smaller grammar courses, which should take around eight hours each. These are deep dives into trickier areas of grammar but are explained clearly and in more detail.

Six vocabulary courses, specifically for phrasal verbs, collocations, and idioms.

Two listening courses with over 30 audios in each course.

Lots of mini bonus courses

We totally understand.

We also spend more time glued to our screens than we'd like!

But here's the thing.

Advancing in a language will take commitment, but it should not take over your life.

All we ask is for fifteen or twenty minutes a day.

That's less time than an episode of Friends, less than a handful of TikTok videos, and less than browsing your favourite online store and adding things to your basket.

Naturally, we only want to part with our money if we have some sort of return on investment.

The membership costs $25 (USD) per month or $240 per year. Everyone gets the same courses, it's just a bit cheaper if you pay for a year in advance.

That money gives you access to all of our courses.

I know this isn't your first contact with English.

You may have used grammar books or had classes in the past.

Or you may have dipped into our written explanations and exercises on our free website.

So why exactly is the membership better?

The membership has fully structured courses, which are carefully organised and go into a lot more detail.

The courses also have videos, audio, flashcards, PDFs, infographics, summaries, and hundreds of review exercises.

You also get help from us - we'll answer your questions and give you advice if you need it.

We have thousands of happy students who love our courses and our method.

But if you decide that the membership isn't for you, you can cancel it at any time. No contract, no obligation.

No. We really wanted our courses to fit around your lives and time zones.

So we have pre-recorded all the lessons for you to revisit as many times as you want.

You won't have to worry about rushing back from work to study at a specific time.

Yes! We are here to help you.

Just write a comment inside the courses or send us an email and a teacher will answer you.

All teachers are welcome!

As teachers ourselves, we love having a library of organised resources, ready to use when we need it with our students.

You are very welcome to use this material in your classroom or with your private students.

Everything can be printed and photocopied.

Improve your confidence in English with the Perfect English Grammar Membership

Still not sure? We think this is perfect for you if ...

  • 1. You're just getting started and want to organise yourself from the beginning. You realise that giving a small amount of time every day to our easy-to-follow courses will help you reach your goals and dreams.

  • 2. You've been trying to get to the next level of English for months or even years, but you still hear yourself making the same mistakes, and you don't know how to fix them.

  • 3. You're the type of person who loves improving yourself. You're ambitious and have already achieved so much in your life. But you want more, and you care about getting things right. Ultimately, you want to achieve the kinds of things in your life that English will help you with.

  • 4. You have no problem investing a few hours a week as long as you know that every bit of energy you invest is a meaningful step forward in getting to your dream level of English and the life that comes with it.

  • 5. In fact, you already are investing time and energy, doing things like changing the Netflix audio settings, replying to emails in English, and turning the pages of your little vocabulary book. The only problem is, without a clear strategy which ties them all together, you're still experiencing the feeling of 'what next' or 'what more can I possibly do?' followed by crippling overwhelm from not seeing noticeable results.

  • 6. You care about what you invest your money in. You're sceptical when you see 'fix-your-English-in-6-weeks' type promises. That's why you appreciate our serious reputation and how our membership teaches you the key parts of English systematically, with lots of opportunities for review and practice, not to mention the opportunity to ask us questions if you feel a little lost.

  • 7. You're aware of all the possible doors that this will open once you climb up a level. An increase in self-confidence, more fluent international work calls, feeling comfortable on holiday abroad, and being part of the ever-growing globalised conversation. And you're clap-your-hands-together excited, knowing that with any situation (job interviews, plane trips, school meetings) you will have created a better life for yourself.

  • 8. You're excited to try our well-supported methods in the science of language learning. Even if you've been sidetracked and let down before, you're currently feeling optimistic, knowing that by this time tomorrow, you can be following your first lesson with a simple yet super-effective methodology for your memory.

  • 9. You feel confident reaching for your wallet, knowing you have 30 days to give it a real go. It's simple, either you do the work and enjoy the feeling of progression more in these next 30 days than you have in your ENTIRE English-learning journey, or you send Kate a quick message and we'll refund all your money.

  • If you're ready, we're look forwarding to helping you make this year the one where you make real progress.

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  • Full access to all our English courses
  • Pay $240 USD automatically every year until you cancel
  • Cancel easily any time with one click
  • 30-day money-back guarantee