Gerunds and Infinitives with Verbs Part 3

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See this page for verbs which change their meaning when followed by the gerund or the infinitive.

Here are some more verbs that are usually followed by the gerund:

denyHe denied committing the crime.
mentionHe mentioned going to that college.
imagineHe imagines working there one day.
tolerateI tolerated her talking.
understandI understand his quitting.
involveThe job involves travelling to Japan once a month.
completeHe completed renovating the house.
reportHe reported her stealing the money.
anticipateI anticipated arriving late.
recallTom recalled using his credit card at the store.

And here are some more verbs followed by 'to' and the infinitive:

expect*They expect to arrive early / they expect Julie to arrive early
intendWe intend to visit you next spring.
pretendThe child pretended to be a monster.
refuseThe guard refused to let them enter the building.
tendHe tends to be a little shy.
would prefer*I'd prefer to do it / I'd prefer him to do it.
deserveHe deserves to go to jail.
appearHis health appeared to be better.
arrangeNaomi arranged to stay with her cousin in Miami.
claimShe claimed to be a princess.

*We can use an object before the infinitive with these verbs.

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