Verbs and Prepositions

Some verbs need a preposition before an object or another verb. The preposition is only grammatical, so it doesn't change the meaning of the verb.

Here are some of the most common ones:

  • arrive at / in somewhere
    We arrived at the airport.
    We arrived in London.
  • belong to somebody
    This book belongs to me.
  • borrow something from somebody
    I borrowed a book from my classmate.
  • concentrate on something / doing something
    I concentrated on studying at the weekend.
  • depend on something / somebody
    It depends on the weather.
  • explain something to somebody
    The teacher explained the exercise to the students.
  • listen to something / somebody
    I listened to music.
  • pay somebody for something
    I paid the waiter for the coffee.
  • wait for somebody / something
    Wait for me!
  • worry about somebody / something
    Don't worry about a thing!

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