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How my students finally understood the tenses

When I started teaching English in a classroom, I found that it was very difficult to teach the tenses. Often, the students didn't really understand them.

In our coursebooks, we'd study an explanation of one tense and a short exercise. Then we'd move on to a different grammar point or something else.

Normally, the students could do the exercise, but they couldn't use the tense properly when they were speaking.

One day, I was trying to teach the past perfect continuous and I had an idea. I drew the relationship between the tenses on the board. And suddenly, my students understood! They could see the system and the relationship between the tenses.

Some of the books I read to make the challenge!

I read all these books (and many others!), looking at how the tenses are similar and different from each other, looking at how different writers think about the tenses and trying to find a good way to explain them.

And finally, I took all my research and I explained it as simply and clearly as I could in a course for you!

It's one of my most popular courses and I really believe that it's useful.

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What our students say:

Barbara from Italy

Tenses explanations were very easy to understand plus we have the pdf to study and review the topic. There are many exercises which helped me to fix the grammar. I had many doubts about tenses and now they are clearer to me.

Frank from Germany

Your way of explaining is brilliant. The most important thing for me: I have found what I've been looking for all my life. There wasn't any teacher in my school life, who explained the tenses to me like this.

Amajida from Indonesia

I liked the course's structure, the categorization, and the usage explanation of each tenses. The usage comparisons between each tenses were also clearly explained and straightforward. This course is totally worth the money.