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Present Simple Spelling Changes

Perfect English Grammar

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Some verbs have present simple spelling changes with 'he', 'she' or 'it':

Verbs that end in 'y':

Verbs that end in 'y' often change 'y' to 'ie' before 's':

  • study becomes studies
  • try becomes tries
  • marry becomes marries
  • fly becomes flies
  • cry becomes cries

(Be careful! 'y' doesn't change to 'ie' if the ending is 'ay', 'ey', 'oy', 'uy'. So, play becomes plays, say becomes says, buy becomes buys, enjoy becomes enjoys, stay becomes stays)

Verbs that end in 's', 'sh', 'ch', or 'x':

Verbs that end in 's', 'sh', 'ch' or 'x' often add 'e' before 's':

  • pass becomes passes
  • wash becomes washes
  • teach becomes teaches

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