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Here are all my 'learn English videos' so far. I'll be putting up more very often, so why not sign up for my newsletter (and get a free copy of my phrasal verbs e-book) or RSS feed to hear when I have a new one?

Stative Verbs
This video talks about stative verbs- what they are and how we should use them. It also talks about all the difficult exceptions. For a list of stative verbs, and exercises, go to this page.

How To Use The Present Simple Tense, Part 1:
This video explains about when we need to use the present simple tense (see this page about the present simple for more information.)

Fifty Common Irregular Verbs:
This video gives the infinitive, past simple and past participle of 50 irregular verbs. To download a copy of the list and for exercises, go to the irregular verbs page.

Present Tenses Exercise:
Practise your present simple and present continuous with this video - put the verb into the correct tense, then listen to the answer. For a review of the present simple click here and the present continuous click here. You can try this exercise interactively or in PDF here .

Past Simple or Present Perfect Exercise
Practise the difference between the present perfect and past simple tenses here. Review the present perfect here and the past simple here. You can do the exercise online or download it in PDF here.

Reported Speech
Learn about the grammar of reported speech with this video. You can find reported speech exercises here, and you can see a list of the tense changes here.

Reported Speech Exercise 1
Practise making sentences using reported speech. Click here for this exercise in PDF or interactive.

Past Perfect or Past Simple Exercise
Choose the past perfect or the past simple tense. Click here for this exercise in PDF or interactive

First Conditional Exercise
Make the first conditional. Click here for this exercise in PDF or interactive, and click here for more information about the first conditional.

Gerunds and Infinitives Explanation
Learn about when we use the gerund, to+infinitive and the bare infinitive. Click here for more about gerunds and infinitives.