Do / Does / Am / Is / Are?

Perfect English Grammar

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When we make questions in the present simple, we use 'do / does' for almost every verb.
  • Do you like chocolate? (The main verb is 'like'.)
  • Does she live in Madrid? (The main verb is 'live'.)
  • Do you want to come to the party? (The main verb is 'want'.)
However, the verb 'be' is different. When the main verb is 'be', we make a question by putting the verb at the front and putting the subject after the verb. We don't use 'do / does'.
  • Are you hungry? (The main verb is 'be'.)
  • Is she at home? (The main verb is 'be'.)
  • Are they from Switzerland? (The main verb is 'be'.)
If we want to make a 'wh' question, it's the same - we just put the 'wh' word or phrase first.
  • Why do you like chocolate?
  • Where does she live in Madrid?
  • Why are you hungry?
  • How long is she at home?
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