Idioms 30-Day Challenge 1

Learn 150 really useful idioms - the secret to advanced English - and remember them forever

30 days of lessons

Get a video lesson and an exercise every day, as well as lots and lots of reviews.

Useful, modern idioms

Make your English more interesting and understand native speakers with 300 really useful, common idioms.

Scientific techniques

Remember the idioms, even if you think you have a bad memory. And learn memory techniques that will help you forever.

'How do idioms help me get to advanced level?'

Students often ask me 'how can I get past the intermediate plateau and speak and write more naturally, at a more advanced level?'

My answer?

It's all about vocabulary! Yes, (of course!) grammar is important, but deliberately learning high-level vocabulary will help you speak and write at a much more advanced level.

With advanced vocabulary, your English is more sophisticated, natural and precise.

One very important part of advanced vocabulary is idioms.

Idioms are expressions that don't make sense, even if you know all the words. For example, expressions like 'once in a blue moon' or 'steal someone's thunder' or 'make a pig's ear of something'.

Native English speakers use this kind of expression all the time.

What our students say:

Tunde from Hungary

Exciting, I was looking forward to doing every new part, perfectly organized with easy explanations. Well-prepared exercises helped a lot. My self-confidence has improved enormously.

Olga from Russia

Dear Seonaid, thanks a lot! Most of all I liked your utter friendliness, clearness, and the system of memorizing idioms perfectly organised by you.

Dalane from Brazil

I liked the short lessons. It's easy to keep up with them each day. This topic is really important in order to not have a stiff conversation, be more natural. I could use many of them in conversations with native-speakers.

Micahel from Ukraine

I thoroughly enjoyed the course! Ten out of ten!

Adina from Romania

I learned a lot... it was extremely useful. Now I understand way better what native speakers are saying.

Hubavina from Bulgaria

The course was very useful for me. I've improved my understanding a lot. Thank you!

'How can idioms improve my listening?'

When you're listening to native English speakers, or watching a film or series, do you understand everything?

Students often ask me how to improve their listening.

I think there are two answers.

The first answer is that you need to listen enough so that you can hear each word, instead of one long noise. This is just practice.

And the second answer is that you need to know enough vocabulary. It's often true that this vocabulary isn't taught in textbooks! It's natural, everyday vocabulary, which native speakers use daily in real life.

One big part of this vocabulary is idioms. If you learn some carefully-chosen, everyday idioms properly, it really helps your understanding.

What our students say:

Cristy from Brazil

Well structured and with clear explanations.

Fatima from Italy

Clear, interesting, and extremely useful in real life.

Antje from Germany

Good selection, although I already knew many English idioms, there were not too many in the course I was familiar with.

Svetlana from Russia

Extremely useful idioms, easy to practise, revise and memorize.

Mike who lives in the USA

The course has good explanations, helpful exercise and reviews. These idioms help me understand the shows on Netflix much better! I hope another 30-day challenge idioms will be coming soon.

Raquel from Spain

It's a easy way to learn and remember new idioms.

'How do I know which idioms to study?'

But, how do you know which idioms to study?

There are so many! And some of them are old fashioned, or very rare, or sound strange!

One way to choose your idioms is to collect them when you're reading or listening to English.

Another way is to get some help from a teacher or native English speaker.

And another way is to join our idioms challenges! We've carefully chosen 300 really useful, everyday idioms that you'll hear and use often in real life.

What our students say:

Frank from Germany

I got so much new information and I got a better feeling of how native speakers speak.

Olga from Russia

Nice explanations + good atmosphere = It's just the ticket!

Belen from Spain

I liked it because you can learn a lot of idioms easily.

Pauline from Chile

I liked everything!

Mohanapriya from India

When I am in meetings or conversations with English people I can understand more than before.

Hasan from Turkey

It is a very useful method - I learned many new idioms.

Here's what you get:

  • 60 video lessons

    I explain 5 useful, modern idioms in each video very clearly, with examples.

  • 132 review exercises

    Practice is key! The review exercises are carefully structured and very efficient.

  • PDFs of everything

    You can download and print everything.

  • Flashcards of everything

    Flashcards really, really help you to remember the idioms. They are scientifically proven to work and they're brilliant!

  • An email every day

    We'll send you a reminder to log in, so that you don't forget to do your lesson.

  • Help from the Perfect English Grammar team

    Got questions? Ask us inside the challenge and we'll help you.

Hi, I'm Seonaid, your teacher

And together with the Perfect English Grammar team, I've helped tens of millions of students improve their grammar.

I'm a British native speaker of English. I have a Master's degree (MPhil) from Cambridge University in English and Linguistics and I've been teaching English for many years.

Languages are wonderful! I love teaching and I love thinking about languages and how we can learn them really well. I'm here to help you use the best techniques to improve your vocabulary and achieve your English goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The challenges start on the 1st day of the month and you get one new lesson per challenge every day for thirty days.

You can keep the challenges forever and study them whenever you like. It doesn't matter if you don't finish in thirty days - you can do it later.

There's a short video and an exercise every day, plus reviews for each challenge. You'll need about fifteen or twenty minutes.

We have thousands of happy students! But if you do decide that the challenges aren't what you need, we offer a full 30-day guarantee. Just send us an email and we'll give you your money back.

Yes! You are very welcome to use this material in your classroom or with your private students. Everything can be printed and photocopied.

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Idioms challenge 1

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