Adjectives and Prepositions

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Some adjectives need a preposition before their object. There doesn't seem to be a logical rule, I'm afraid! We just need to learn them.

Here are some of the most common ones:

  • famous for
    France is famous for its food.
  • proud of
    He is very proud of his new car.
  • interested in
    Julie is very interested in sport.
  • pleased with
    John is very pleased with his new suit.
  • bad at
    They are very bad at maths.
  • good at
    Einstein was very good at physics.
  • married to
    My mother has been married to my father for 20 years.
  • excited about
    I'm very excited about my holiday.
  • different from / to
    Coffee is different from tea.
  • afraid of
    I'm afraid of spiders.

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