Using Superlative Adjectives

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We use a superlative to say that a thing or person is the most of a group. When we use a superlative adjective ('the tallest student') before the noun, we generally use it with 'the'. This is because there's only one (or one group) of the thing we are talking about. There is one student who is the tallest in the class, and because it's clear to the listener which one we mean, we usually use 'the': Remember, we don't use 'the' when there is a possessive: It's possible to drop 'the' when the adjective is used later in the sentence, rather than directly before the noun. We can choose either 'the' or 'no article', with no change in meaning: This is not possible when the adjective comes directly before the noun: Try an exercise about superlatives with 'the' here.

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