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'A' and 'The' Explained

Preposition Collocations 1

Download this explanation in PDF here.
Try an exercise about these phrasal verbs here.

Prepositions can be tricky. One problem is that there is often no logic at all! We use them in many phrases and expressions and unfortunately, we just need to learn these by heart. There aren't really any rules.

(I've called these 'preposition collocations' but sometimes people call them 'prepositional phrases' or 'preposition expressions'.)

1: At last = finally 2: On foot = walking (NOT by foot) 3: By mistake = not meaning to 4: In advance = beforehand 5: Out of reach = too high to touch (literally or metaphorically) 6: For instance = here is an example 7: In danger = in a dangerous situation 8: Without fail = always / definitely 9: By chance = without planning 10: On purpose = intending to do something 11: For a change = to do something different 12: On time (for) = at the time that was arranged 13: To my surprise = I was surprised 14: At once = immediately 15: In common (with) = something that's shared or the same Try an exercise about these preposition collocations here.
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