Gerunds and Infinitives with Verbs Part 2

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See this page for verbs which change their meaning when followed by the gerund or the infinitive.

Here are some more verbs that are usually followed by the gerund:

missShe misses living near the beach
appreciateI appreciated her helping me.
delayHe delayed doing his taxes.
postponeHe postponed returning to Paris
practiseShe practised singing the song.
considerShe considered moving to New York.
can't standHe can't stand her smoking in the office.
can't helpHe can't help talking so loudly.
riskHe risked being caught.
admitHe admitted cheating on the test.

And here are some more verbs followed by 'to' and the infinitive:

can affordWe can't afford to go on holiday.
manageHe managed to open the door without the key.
prepare*They prepared to take the test /
the teachers prepared the students to take the test.
demandHe demanded to speak to Mr. Harris.
chooseI chose to help.
offerFrank offered to drive us to the supermarket.
waitShe waited to buy a movie ticket.
would hate*I'd hate to be late / I'd hate you to be late.
would love*I'd love to come / I'd love him to come.
seemNancy seemed to be disappointed.

*We can use an object before the infinitive with these verbs.

Try an exercise about gerunds and infinitives with these verbs here.

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